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Our Massage Services

Full Body Massage

Body Massage is a therapeutic experience that will leave your body feeling relaxed and renewed. Using one or a combination of different modalities to work on the major areas of the body like the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, and neck. *Aromatherapy and Hot Stones are included.

60 Minute Full Body Massage


90 Minute Full Body Massage


120 Minute Full Body Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.

60 Minute Pregnancy Massage


90 Minute Pregnancy Massage


120 Minute Pregnancy Massage


Office or Event Chair Massage

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. Each session is typically 10-15 minutes. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique(s) used by your massage therapist. Perfect for decreasing stress in the office.

60 Minute Chair Massage


150 Minute Chair Massage


300 Minute Chair Massage