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Ashiatsu Massage

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What is Ashiatsu Massage?

Ashiatsu Massage is a distinctive form of bodywork where the therapist employs their feet rather than their hands to administer deep, broad strokes. Originating from various Asian cultures, Ashiatsu combines elements of traditional shiatsu, Thai massage, and even Western deep tissue methods. The word ‘Ashiatsu’ itself translates to ‘foot pressure’ in Japanese. Utilizing gravity and body weight, this massage modality provides an unparalleled depth of pressure to target chronic tension and tightness.

Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage:

Deep Pressure

The gravitational force and the full surface of the therapist’s foot make for an exceptionally deep, yet smooth, pressure that penetrates layers of muscle.

Muscle Relaxation

By covering a larger surface area than hands, Ashiatsu allows for extensive muscle relaxation and a unique, soothing experience.

Improved Circulation

The broad strokes stimulate blood flow, boosting oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues while facilitating toxin removal.

Pain Relief

Particularly effective for chronic conditions like back pain, Ashiatsu can break up adhesions and relieve muscle spasms.

Improved Posture

Targeting deep muscle layers, the modality can contribute to better posture and alignment.

Stress Reduction

The intense pressure induces a deeply relaxed state, making Ashiatsu a powerful modality for stress relief.

Enhanced Flexibility

The extensive stretching involved in Ashiatsu can enhance your flexibility and range of motion.

What to Expect with Ashiatsu Massage.

Ashiatsu is performed on a massage table. The therapist uses their feet to give you the massage while using overhead bars for support and balance. You’ll be undressed to your comfort level and appropriately draped. Sessions can last between 60 to 120 minutes, depending on your individual needs. The pressure can be adjusted to your comfort, so clear communication with your therapist is encouraged.

Who Should Consider Ashiatsu Massage?

Ashiatsu is particularly beneficial for those who appreciate deep tissue massage but desire a more evenly distributed pressure. It’s an excellent option for athletes, individuals with larger muscle mass, or anyone dealing with chronic tension.

Ready for an Ashiatsu Massage?

Step into a world of deep relaxation and relief with Ashiatsu Massage. Its unique approach to deep tissue work offers both physical and emotional benefits that make it more than just another massage technique. Schedule your session today to experience the profound impact of this modality.

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