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Chair Massage

Man getting a chair massage at the office by work well massage therapists

A Quick Way to Boost Employee Productivity

Chair Massage is a versatile and convenient form of massage therapy designed for quick, impactful sessions. Conducted in a specially-designed chair, this massage focuses on high-tension areas like the back, shoulders, neck, and arms. The absence of oils and the option to remain fully clothed make it a highly accessible option, often seen in corporate settings, airports, shopping malls, and events. It offers a quick but effective way to de-stress and relieve muscle tension, usually in 15 to 30-minute sessions.

Benefits of Chair Massage:

Immediate Stress Relief

Chair Massage is excellent for quickly reducing stress levels, offering a convenient break from a hectic schedule.

Muscle Tension Relief

Focused on high-tension areas, this modality can relieve muscle stiffness and improve range of motion in a short span.

Increased Productivity

Many corporate offices offer chair massages to employees because of its ability to increase focus and productivity.

Enhanced Circulation

Improved blood flow helps to revitalize the mind and body, boosting energy levels.

Headache Relief

The focused attention on the neck and shoulders can help alleviate tension headaches.

Low Time Commitment

The short duration and minimal setup make it a low-commitment introduction for those new to massage therapy and it’s benefits.


Often less expensive than full-body massages, Chair massage provides a cost-effective option for regular therapy to improve your employee satisfaction.

What to Expect

Chair Massage is generally conducted in an open setting, not requiring a private room. You’ll sit, fully clothed, in a specialized massage chair that supports your chest and elevates your arms and legs. The therapist will focus on your upper body areas, offering a quick but thorough massage experience. Session lengths typically range from 15 to 30 minutes.

Who Should Consider Chair Massage?

Chair Massage is suitable for almost anyone, particularly those on-the-go or looking for quick relief from stress and muscle tension. It’s a popular choice in corporate environments to boost employee morale and reduce workplace stress. However, those with certain medical conditions or pregnant women should consult healthcare providers before scheduling a session.

Ready for a Chair Massage?

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life with Chair Massage. Whether you’re new to massage or a regular enthusiast, this quick and convenient modality offers something for everyone. Schedule your session today and experience instant rejuvenation.

man getting a chair massage in his corporate office for employee appreciation